Entry into the last sem

It seems that longer you get accustomed to a particular system, easier it is to do things in a manner that is almost subconscious. Same thing happened this semester . The same mundane process with its almost arcane rules and procedures now through rugged practice has become easier than depicting the back of my hand.

This is the entire story, as far as the initial 2 days back into college are concerned. I have been mostly preoccupied with re-shifting things back into my newly whitewashed hotel, which to my utter dismay, is bright pink. The damage done by those workers in these vacations seems to me to be more than any repair work that they have done. Ranting about this wouldn’t help me so I’ll move on.

Ok. So Why I made this blog?. There are a few things that I wish to achieve by  this
A) Hope to find a medium that can help me communicate with you and mom.
B) Finally force you onto using internet (I know to much of your utter dislike) and getting used to it.
C) I have practically no better critic of my writing than you, so I hope that this will help me get better.


Now the Wordlist is an area of concern, with its fresh snowfall and the damning rain, we’ve had some frequent power outages and thus internet has been up and down several times. But still I try to manage a few words here and there.

Steinbeck said that a good performer/artist,knows when to to take an exit. So this would culminate my first post, which I hope you enjoy reading (and as much as I may wish against, will be a topic of your conversation with others)

Night 🙂
10th march’14



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