She was born without the greatest gift nature could bestow.
For her the world was one darkened show.
She carried in her heart a longing to see,
how beautiful the rising sun could be.
How birds in their glory dotted the drowsy red skies.
How quick a bee is,how erratic it flies.
How sadness looked she never knew,
what others said if any of it was true.
Yet her eyes were a shade of the sea,
deeper than what deep could be.
Yet they were just pedantic sorrow,
she wish she could have some to borrow.
Looking at her, I knew she feared,
if anyone, a single person cared.
She tried to fathom the meaning of light,
poor girl, it bought her only plight.
The burden of human existence, she couldn’t comprehend.
For she only longed for an illuminated moment to spend.








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