The Human Experience

I have grown up listening to you telling us how we exist and yet fail to live, how we are asleep while still awake.
I have been thinking on these lines for sometime now.
We have been crawling across the same planet for quite a number of years  now, as a species we have managed to put ourselves largely over the natures driving forces and put ourselves at a pedestal overlooking a significant part of the universe which we are both a part and observers of. Isn’t it strange that while observing the universe we are also in a certain aspect acknowledging our own existence and observing it?

What means to be human? What is the thing, that ceases us from being just ‘objects’ and transforms us something more fleeting. Definitely our emotions play a part, yet they are no more than withered leaves carried out by autumn winds. They are mere reflections of the whole from which they arise, perhaps so is the case with our feelings. Rendering meaning to this wonderful innate joy of pure existence puts asks from us to define a way in which we are to go about this experience.

I like to believe that perhaps life is just a dance, played out to the music orchestrated by the cosmos. We have been dancing for millions of years, its just that during these few decades of our existence as humans we become aware(yet frustratingly ignorant) of this beautiful dance played out in the vast cosmic stage that is the universe. Be are both at once universe and  its observers. A wonderful case of the examiner  examining itself. Alan Watts is surely to be blamed for my such thoughts, but yet bizarre as they may seem I can’t help but agree. We are offsprings of an entity, the universe, far more complex and vibrant than the god of the myths.The universe expects us to understand itself through us. To wonderfully, tragically, or as we seem fit live out in all the possible ways of experience, like a mother witnessing far away lands through the saying of her child (though I make the deliberate error of such a metaphor)

I wish to write more on this subject but the late hour forces me to end this a little abruptly (Its 2:28 AM ALREADY!) by commenting how wonderful it is to just merely exist in its true sense 🙂

Take care !


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