Crappy tea, midterms and longing for home (at least the idea of it)

Its almost been 2 months since I’ve come to this country. Here are some serious and non serious (curious non theless )observations about this country and myself that I’ve made in the past 2 months.

  • Tea is CRAPPY here-This country is making me hate tea, my beloved indo-anglan (is that a word ‘anglan’ or should I revert back to anglo indian) beverage does not taste the same anymore, its slowly being eroded from its position of prominence by the harsh and coarse ‘cuppa coffee’.
  • People are weird. And thats not just the Americans that I’ve met, even fellow international students (read Indian).
  • One can never get over leaving home. Even after 2 months, out of nowhere I might remember you mom and brother for no reason and then feel sad about it.
  • I am a man of routine. People get bored of routines easily. NOT ME! I am a sucker for routines, even it means having the same source of entertainment every weekend, or the same breakfast, or the same position in library. I like when things are preordained and follow a strict regimen.
  • I STILL can find time to read books. Dont freak out, its not the same read till eyes gorge out type of reading but yes after a week or so I do get the time to sneak in a few pages.
  • It takes me a LOT more time than others to get used to new things. Perhaps point 4 is to blame. I cant adjust to easily and readily. Takes some time and working to get into that.
  • Point 6 leads us to -> My plan of action needs to change. Here comes the hard part. Ive been used to doing things a certain way back home, but here that needs to change if I have to have a shot a little scope of any measure of success.
  • I like the idea of a ‘home’. Perhaps Im little too naive to understand it properly but yes, I like the idea of being in a home. Might say Im old school but I like the idea of a place where I know Ill be loved, liked (basically tolerated) and most importantly fed. Perhaps its little too soon to think of such things, but I think when the right time and the right person comes along, I might be ready to take the plunge. But then again thats taking things a little too far as of now.
  • Things are pretty much automated here as compared to home. Yay, that means more employment opportunities for me.
  • Whenever  I like someone, or the idea of someone. i end up getting dissapointed or embarrassing myself by expecting too much. Yes, happened again. But I think i need to slow things down. NO ONE, not even you and mom for that matter, can understand me in the very first few interactions if we were to be strangers. So expecting them from someone unknown is taking things a little too far (Taking things to far might have been a better headline for this post it seems.). So, in short, I liked someone, straightaway blurted out how I felt, made things awkward, ended up loosing a good friend. God I swear I’ll have to make do with you guys fixing up for me if things keep up like they have been since college.

So these are some observations. ill post on this blog whenever I get the time. Love you Always…
Take Care


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