What is Yoga? On Ego and Enlightenment.

I wanted to ask this for a long time! Why Yoga?
How are you able to discipline yourself, each morning without fail, to wake up every day, follow a fixed path, control all the enticements of a warm bed and lethargy, and follow your sacred routine to inch perfection. Bad weather, new location, lack of sleep, workload? I have never seen these immaterial things come in your way!

Sadhguru helped me understand the ‘why’. Although for someone as ignorant as me, it ignited a sequence of another set of questions, suitable for another post perhaps.

Your ‘obsession’ in yoga, it turns out according to sadhguru, is a way of finding out who you are. It is a way of finding your inner self, finding the ‘path’. Art is an expression, a way of giving in to your senses and bringing them about. Yoga, on the contrary, is a reflection inwards. A confluence of your body and spirit, or so I understand. In words of Sadhguru, you are not satisfied with deduction, nor beliefs based on experiences of others can quench your thirst. Yoga is the path to experience.
Here are some links that I should remember for reference:
Is there a god? (wonderful story about a charvak and Gautam)
What is God?
What is Enlightenment? (For my meek mind)

As a final note, I also realised this is in fact not a right question to ask. If the experience is right, If I am in constant ecstasy of the creation, will I ever doubt why it was created in the first place? Perhaps when we sit next time to talk, you can tell me whether I am on the right path or not.

Seeking your blessing.
Your Son


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